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Uber Retro Thermos Jug in Yellow


Yes, *that* yellow. The yellow that VW Camper Vans are made of. The yellow that Austin Allegros were made of (not many still exist, unsurprisingly!). The yellow that *made* the 70s, basically.

This very chic 1 litre Thermos Jug (a.k.a “Leisure maker”!) is in superb condition and we’re actually loathe to part with it, it’s such a nice piece and perfectly usable as well!  Obviously, it’s a Thermos so it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold, but this is more than that as you can see from the photos!

This one seems to have been barely used, if at all, and it comes with the original box, although it’s a little misshapen and showing its age, but aren’t we all?  The jug measures 30cm (12 in) high with a diameter at the base of 12cm (4.5 in) – the box is slightly bigger, as boxes tend to be. If we were to be really picky we’d say that the lid has a little bit of fading compared to the main body, but that would really be splitting hairs in relation to the overall condition of the item, which is very good.

One for the VW Camper fans, we think!


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