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Unusual Boxed Asian/Geisha Doll with Changeable Wigs


A very unusual and difficult to describe item!  We’ll be honest and admit that we know very little about it and our researches have not given us any concrete conclusions, so we are selling very much “as found” and “as described”.  It appears on first glance to be a Japanese geisha doll – but it might possibly be Chinese in origin – in a light wooden box with glass lid (quite fragile in reality). Perhaps some kind of souvenir or traditional gift.  The doll is dressed in red and black fabric robes and has a ceramic head with painted features, and comes with three wigs in their own compartments in the box.  To give you some sense of the size of the doll, the case measures about 15cm by 8cm (6.5″ x 3″).

One of our quirkier finds, this doll is definitely different and is perhaps suited to the collector or to those interested in the culture from which it comes. In terms of condition, there is some fading to the costume which we presume was originally a much deeper black and there is some thinning to the wigs, but on the whole the doll is faring quite well considering the delicacy of construction and age.


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