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Very scarce Ross RCR-181 “Z” or “Zig-Zag” Digital Clock Radio and Lamp

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A very scarce and unusual digital clock radio with lamp made by Ross and dating from the 1980s,  the RCR-181 has some notable features. The most obvious of these is the shape and, moreover, the fact that it’s possible to change it, depending on how you are using it, and where you want the lamp pointing. The best way to explain this is via the photos attached, but basically the options are 1) lamp to the front over the controls, 2) lamp to the side, or 3) lamp to the rear.  The unit itself is quite a size too: about 20 cm (8in.) in height and depth, and about 10 cm (4 in.) in width.

In most other respects – bar the almost completely black plastic styling – it’s a fairly standard digital clock radio from the era: AM/FM tuner, snooze function, wake to radio, display dimmer, battery back-up for the clock, etc.

This one is fully functional, but does have some minor cosmetic issues, notable some plastic “burn” marks to the right hand side of the lower portion of the unit, most likely caused by the item being in storage and having had the power cable wrapped around it. It’s not awful, but it’s there and should be noted – please carefully review the photos if it’s a concern. Otherwise, there are a few grazes and scrapes to the plastics, but everything is intact – no cracks or chips.

Open to sensible offers for this unusual slice of 80s…. plastic!

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