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Vintage 17 Bar Wood Xylophone with rubber beaters


A quirky decorative piece if ever there was one…!  This vintage 17 bar major note G-A wood xylophone which comes complete with rubber mallets/beaters makes a superb display and conversation piece, with its interesting ebonised style finish, gold lettering, and interesting shape. It has plenty of signs of age and wear to it as one might expect from something which has basically been hit repeatedly (!). One section of damage has been repaired to make it safe and structurally sound – please see photos. The xylophone has retained its tuning and although the felt dampers would benefit from renovation, it plays effectively in its current state.

The beaters are provided as an accompaniament – they also show significant signs of age and use, and are a good match for the xylophone. They have rubber ends and although not entirely straight (!) they perform adequately and look the part too.

The xylophone measures 48cm in length, 23cm at its widest, 12cm at its narrowest and is 3.5cm in height. It would easy enough to add hanging furniture to it if preferred.


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