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Vintage 1950s Maclamp in gold with wooden arms designed by Terence Conran for Habitat


A design classic, this is the Maclamp designed by Terence Conran for Habitat. This is the earlier version of the lamp with full wood armatures (not plastic ones as per later models) and wingnut adjusters and dates from the 1950s. This particular one has original gold painted metal shade and base and is in almost untampered condition.

The wood arms have been gently oiled to bring out their original colour. One of the lower arms has what appears to be a burn mark on it, but barring that, they are in good solid condition as are the wingnuts and metal fixtures. The metal shade bracket is slightly misshapened, but the shade itself has kept its shape and only has a few minor grazes to show for it’s 60+ years of age and use, and the base is in similar condition. The bulb holder has been replaced like-for-like.

A good example of an iconic lamp and increasingly difficult to find in original condition.  As with all electrical products, buyers are urged to have the lamp inspected and safety-checked prior to installation.


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