Vintage 1970s Japanese Rhythm Alarm Clock in Light Mushroom Colour


With its elliptical face and curvaceous body, this Rhythm 2 Jewels Alarm clock presents a handsome slice of 1970s design. It would be going too far, perhaps, to call it space age, and also too far, perhaps, to call it minimalist, but it comes close on both counts. The clock face is a metallic bronze-purple colour depending on the angle of the light and there are no digits on it, just metallic pieces with orange detailing. There are flourescent sections to the hour and minute hands and a slim minute hand, as well as alarm time indicator. The clock is in working order and has a pleasant tick which is certainly audible (just in case you require or prefer a silent timepiece). Around the back of the clock are knobs to set the time and the alarm, as well as an adjuster for the accuracy of the clock, and a red push button which serves to activate or deactivate the alarm. The alarm itself is a good old-fashioned ringer which is effective.

The clock measures approximately 14.5 cm (5½ in.) at its widest point, with a height of around 12 cm (4¾ in.) and a depth of 7.5cm (3 in.). It’s presented in mostly very good cosmetic condition – the chrome is nice and clean, the body is good aside from a small blemish on the left hand side (see photos), and there’s a little bit of dust inside the face.

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