Vintage 1980 Toshiba CR-3000 Stereo Digital Clock Radio


Looking rather like a black plastic “Toblerone” packet, this is the Toshiba CR-3000 Stereo Digital Clock Radio, which dates from 1980. No surprises there – the glossy black finish, minimalism, and angular shapes are typical of that cross-over from space-age design to the 1980s.  In many respects it’s a fairly standard electronic clock radio, aside from the design, but there are some interesting features which set it apart too. First of all, that long design means that the stereo speakers do indeed have some spread to them and, what’s more, two inputs on the left-hand side of the unit allows for further speakers to be added to enhance the sound.  All of the controls are very neatly located on the top edge of the unit in a slightly recessed groover or are to the rear on the sloping surface, which means the front it gloriously uncluttered – just the two speakers and the clock and tuner displays. If you’re a fan of sleek and stylish design then it ticks all the boxes.

This unit is in very good condition overall. There are, as to be expected, signs of use – notably some marks to the rear and superficial scratches to the high-gloss front, but otherwise the plastics are in very good condition, no chips or cracks.  As a bonus, the original box and instructions are present, albeit the former has more obvious signs of age and wear.

The unit measures approximately 42cm long with a height of 5cm and a depth of 6cm  (16.5 in.,  2 in. and  2½ in. respectively).

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