Vintage Aluminium Tray with Pine Cone Design


A very striking vintage aluminium tray with interesting fluted and scalloped edges and a relief pine cone design (a series of, six in total), impressed from underneath in a repoussé style. We’re unsure of its precise age, but it would be reasonable to think it’s over 50 years old, due to its material, construction, styling, and similarity to other items of that age. It may also have been made in Canada, as many of these similar items are.

In terms of condition, this tray has surface marks and scratches from use but no deformations to its shape. The wear and tear is not significant taken as a whole – it still looks good in context. The underneath is more heavily scratched but that’s to be expected for a tray of this age and material. There is no maker’s stamp or label.

The tray measures approximately 34 cm by 22 cm by 1.5 cm (11½in by 8¾in by ¾in).

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