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Vintage Bisque Doll’s Head Decorative Display / Lamp Conversion


A vintage bisque doll head which we have mounted on a custom-made wood base to use as a decorative item and – thanks to the bulb holder the head conceals – as an occasional light.  The doll’s head is easily removed from the base as it sits neatly into two grooves rather than being fixed to it to reveal the bulb holder and sliding bar switch.  Adding to the look is a good length of neutral-coloured fabric covered flex and a bakelite plug. The bulb holder has an E22 bayonet fitting and it should be fitted with a low heat or LED pygmy bulb.  The low heat element being essential should you need to remove the head to turn off the lamp rather than do so at the socket.

The photos really tell the story better than words do and according to our informal research you’ll either love it or hate it! Unique is an over-used word, but we can absolutely guarantee that this item is indeed unique. It’s truly a one-off, made in collaboration with Mark Lowe Lighting (

The lamp base measures 12cm by 12 cm (4¾ in. by 4¾ in.) and the height of the lamp (doll’s head + base) is 17cm (6½ in.).  The flex is a generous 2.7m (107in.) in length.  Due to the nature of this item we do not recommend this as a lamp for use by children – it is not a toy – or as a light for anything more than occasional use.


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