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Vintage Blue Pifco Model 971 Classic Gooseneck Desk Lamp


The Pifco Model 971 gooseneck desk lamp is a design classic in many ways, and would have graced many homes in the 1960s and 1970s. This one is a particularly unusual blue colour, the vast majority of these lamps being in a more traditional white or black colour. Fully adjustable with a sturdy and heavy base, the 971 features a characteristic cone-shaped shade and can be wall mounted. All in all, an exceptionally good desk lamp in a beautiful colour – it’s quite the looker with a design that has certainly stood the test of time.

This one is in very good condition with only minor tarnishing to the stamped metal panel which houses the switch (which is a modern replacement) and just minor scuffs and scrapes to the rest of the base. The shade has some very minor dents and scrapes but nothing untoward considering its age and use. The base measures approximately 13cm wide and 11cm deep, with the shade being approximately 16cm long with a 10cm diameter at the front. With the neck extended to its full height, the lamp measures approximately 43cm.


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