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Vintage Die-Cut Cardboard Circus Figures


Roll up, roll up, roll up…

A set of vintage circus figures which we believe date from the 1970s and which features a weightlifting muscle man, a ringmaster, a clown, a trapeze artist and horse, an elephant, a monkey and a seal balancing balls and a fish. These are incredibly cute and colourful figures which, though showing some signs of wear and tear, make for a wonderful display piece or colourful piece for the collector of cirus-related items. It is possible that the elephant is missing an additional piece – although the ringmaster figure does sit on its back which might be his intended location.  We are fairly sure that the original set of figures contained more items, but this collection of figures is complete bar that.

The figures range in size from a height of 11.5cm (4½ in.) to 29cm (11 in.).  The figures are solid but do have some scuffing and slight deformation from use, but given their age and material we think they have surived very well indeed.


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