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Vintage Escor Wooden Car with Four Figures


An absolutely charming wooden toy car, in a well-worn played-with condition which only adds to its appeal. Most likely made in England by Escor – though it is missing the characteristic oval sticker which would have been affixed to the bonnet – it is believed to date from the 1960s. Later models by Escor have a different wheel design, so this would seem to be an earlier model. The body of the car is actually in reasonably good condition, with most of the wear being on the recesses for the figures and on the black wheels. The figures are more play worn, but appear to be a man, a woman, a child and a dog. They “sit” in the car nicely and don’t have any significant defects, though the paint is very worn – in the case of the dog figure particularly so.

It would make a great display item and it certainly has character in abundance!


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