Vintage Herbert Terry Black Anglepoise – Model 1209


Made between 1933 and 1968, this is the iconic Model 1029 Anglepoise from Herbert Terry & Sons. The 1209 is a large workshop lamp with considerable reach, a simple silhouette, and ultimate flexibility for positioning. It looks great in a living room or office and combines form and function perfectly in its engineering. We’re unashamed fans of Anglepoise, and this lamp is one of our favourites.

This one is in an untampered-with condition which is our preference. The signs of wear are all part of the lamp’s credentials and history, and we’d much rather see a dented original shade than a pristine modern replacement. These things are built to last however, so structurally and functionally this one is sound – the lamp holds position and works extremely well throughout its range. The heavy base has signs of use and age but is clean and there are no breakages anywhere. What is new, however, is the wiring and the bulb holder and the adjustment screw at the elbow. We’ve gone for a very simple combination of black braided three-core cable (earthed to the earthing screw at the base) and a standard lamp bulb holder. Less is more sometimes. The adjustment screw is more or less cosmetic but it does help maintain that perfect balance should you use a heavier or lighter bulb.

Please get in touch with us to discuss postage and courier options. This is a heavy and large item at the same time as being a fragile one, so we would prefer you to collect or arrange a reliable courier to collect for you.

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