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Vintage Large Red Metal Floor Ash Bin / Ashtray


Once upon a time, not so long ago… these were everywhere. Outside offices, cinems, restaurants, pubs. They were recognisable items of furniture almost, but obviously now are a relic of a time now past and gone. A large vintage metal cigarette ash bin or floor-standing ash tray in red with suitably demonstrative signage. And by large, we mean it’s 30cm (12 in.) long, 16cm (6¼ in.) high and has a depth of 24cm (9½ in.)

In good condition considering it probably spent time outside in the elements – rust has been cleaned off carefully to leave a good balance of cleanliness and originality, the insides cleaned, the metal has been wiped down and a subtle wax finish added. It would make for a quirky piece of home decor (in either horizontal or vertical orientation) or might be a perfect fit for the collector of tobacciana who wants a slightly larger item in their collection!


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