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Vintage Mid-Century Wood Block Desk Perpetual Calendar


A small Mid-Century (or possibly even earlier) desktop perpetual calendar consisting of an angled wooden base containing two large cubes for the day numerals, two rectangular shapes for the day names, and six smaller rectangles for the months (one on each side). In un-tampered with condition this is a visually appealing decorative but functional item which would grace almost any room in the home.

The lettering on the day and month names shows signs of use but that’s all part of its charm – they are legible. The day numerals show less sign of wear and tear. Otherwise, the wood is in good shape, no chips or cracks and nothing more than the evidence of time and use to show on it.

The calendar measures approximately 7cm (2¾ in.) in height and similarly front-to-back. The larger numeral cubes are approximately 3.5cm square (1¼ in. square) for reference.


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