Vintage Nayytex Charlie Brown Space Rocket Cotton T-Shirt


Dress your baby or toddler (12-18 month old up to 2 years, as this is quite an accommodating t-shirt) in style with this vintage Nayytex Charlie Brown t-shirt. Made of 100% cotton the design features Charlie Brown replete with baseball cap and glove aboard a space rocket (for some reason!) in jazzy main colours of red, white and blue. Probably not official Peanuts merchandise, but it’ll be absolutely perfect for the right youngster (parent/friend of parent) and it is doubtful that there’ll be anyone else wearing one like it!

The t-shirt comes with its original bag (with twee design and slogans including “Nayytex… of course” and “For Quality & Hi [sic] Fashion”) and is in very good, undamaged, condition. Of course, it is recommended to wash before use to clean and refresh it as it has been in storage for some time and may have some minor blemishes from that.

For guidance the armpit to armpit measurement of the t-shirt is approximately 50cm but there is plenty of stretch so anticipate it fitting up to 55 cm or more. Length from shoulder to hem is 35cm.

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