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Vintage Orange/Amber Optical Art Spiral Design Double Waisted Glass Vase


A stunning glass vase measuring 24 cm (9½ in.) in height with a double waisted design and a very eye-catching spiral pattern running through it. It’s a relatively delicate piece of glass in an orange-amber colour (more orange than some of the brown-tinged amber colours which you see) and it really dazzles with light behind it and the interplay of the spiral patterns coming to the fore. Unmarked but very probably from Empoli, Italy. The photos here really don’t do it justice, though we’ve tried! The vase is handblown with the very distinctive marks to the base which are evidence of this method of manufacture and though we can’t be sure, it’s most likely of Italian origin.

In good condition, with some minor grazes only to the surface and no chips or cracks. The rim is very good. There are other imperfections from the making process but nothing which detracts from the overall look of the vase. The base measures approximately 8 cm (3 in.) and as mentioned it’s about 24 cm (9½ in.) in height.


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