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Vintage Parker Bros. Funny Bones Game (1968)


“Perfect for family fun, and adult evening entertainment”.

“Adult evening entertainment”. Ahem.

It doesnt get more “Swinging Sixties” than this – the original Parker Brothers game “Funny Bones” which dates  from 1968. It’s not only extraordinarily kitsch when viewed from the present day perspective, but also undeniably colourful and fun.  There are 23 large “gaily” illustrated playing cards depicting actions which the “players” have to mimic and another card with instructions.

It sounds almost like a vertical version of Twister but with cards and scoring. Ahem (again!).  It sounds like fun, anyway, and whether you play the game or not, we think this will bring a smile to your face! It’s in remarkable condition for its age and we wonder if it’s actually ever been used.  There are some very minor scuffs to the box edging but the cards themselves are almost perfect.


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