Vintage Partipack Children’s Railway Birthday Party Table Settings and Decorations


A highly unusual and colourful children’s party pack and set of table decorations with a railway train theme, marketed under the “Partipack” name. Information about this set and other associated sets and their maker, Party Productions Ltd., is very difficult to come by but it would appear to date from the 1970s, perhaps earlier. Inside the large pack is an array of items for a train-themed party – mostly easily constructed from the printed cards or standalone pieces, and a book promising ideas, recipes and games!
The actual contents have not been verified as complete, as handling them is prone to “releasing” them from their cards, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it were complete, as there seems to be a lot of them! The photos provided are, therefore, just a random sample of the contents. They are all generally in very good condition.

One for the collector of railway ephemera perhaps… please make a reasonable offer!

In stock

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