Vintage Pifco Bedside Wrist Watch Illumination Lamp


Undoubtedly the smallest and probably the quirkiest item of lighting we’ve had pass through our hands, this is a Pifco bedside light which performs a single function only and it’s quite a niche function at that!  It allows a person to read the time on their wristwatch in the middle of the night without disturbing anyone else – it’s as simple and ingenious as that. A clip secures the watch to the “Z” shaped light and a lever-style button to the side turns the little bulb on and off to illuminate the watch dial underneath the bulb. It’s simple, and more than a little bit unusual!

In full working order and in very good condition with the cream paintwork in a good state, the light takes two “C” size batteries and can accomodate most watches with a flexible strap. The light is about 10 cm ( 4 in.) in height.

In stock

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