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Vintage Prinzsound SDC18 AM/FM Stereo Flip Clock Radio with AUX IN

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A vintage flip clock radio made by PrinzSound, specifically the SDC18 which boasts some quality features inside a very masculine and large frame. It’s stylish in a late 70s kind of way – wood effect, metallic grey panelling and black detals throughout and lots of shiny “chrome” controls. The unit has a decent tuner which picks stations up nicely, is true stereo (a light in the front indicates radio broadcasts in stereo) and it produces a good rounded sound from the twin speakers on either side of the body. Rather unusually, the SDC18 has an auxiliary input for incoming audio, making this quite a useful modern-day appliance for use with phone, MP3 player or even with a wireless audio adapter.

These features are on top of the more standard things you’d expect – radio or buzzer alarm, snooze and sleep controls and so on.

The flip clock mechanism works flawlessly and although the illumination is not what it would have been when new, it’s usable. The tuning and volume controls are a little bit crackly but not bad at all. The unit is in very good condition with no chips or cracks to the body. There are some minor dents to the top surface near the “snooze” button and a few minor scratches and grazes and signs of wear throughout, but nothing very distracting or noticeable. All in all, a very uncommon item – and very bold aesthetically – which stands the test of time, particularly because of the AUX IN option it provides and the quality sound it outputs.

The unit measures approximately 37.5cm (14¾ in.) across the front, 18cm (7 in.) from front to back and 13cm (5 in.) in height. All measurements include any protruding knobs or controls. Please get in touch if you require specific measurements.

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