Vintage Prova Gooseneck Desk Lamp in Avocado Green – 1970s, Italian


An unusual Italian-made desk lamp in an unusual colour, this Prova lamp almost certainly dates from the 1970s – the decade that brought us avocado bathroom suites and more besides. Aside from the colour, the lamp has a few other design quirks – a more than slightly oversized fluted shade with “vent” and chrome band detailing, a base with a centrally-placed switch and chromed sides, and a white plastic underside “cover” which seems deliberately oversized so that it’s a visible feature rather than just simply covering the underneath of the base.

The lamp is fully functioning and measures 40cm height (15¾ in.) with the gooseneck fully extended vertically, the shade has a front diameter of 14cm (5½ in.) and a length of 18cm (7 in.), and the base has a diameter of 13.25cm (5¼ iu.) and a height of 2.5cm (1 in.).  In terms of condition, it’s not bad at all – the shade is in good shape overall bar a couple of minor dents and slight loss of shape, the chrome work is good, and the plastic base is sound despite a few cracks to it. None of these defects are very noticeable, but there is a small loss of paint surface to the top of the base, which you will see in the close-up photographs of the base. It’s not awful and we don’t deem it bad enough to warrant a repair which might stand out more.

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