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Vintage Smiths Timecal 5 Hour KItchen Timer in Olive Green


This Smiths Timecal 5-hour Timer with a white hard plastic outer casing and olive green coloured face behind clear plastic is not only a fine vintage display piece but also fully functional for the kitchen. The has minimal signs of wear and tear – the face is clean and clear and there are no chips, cracks or major scratches anywhere on it. The rear polished metal section has minor suface scratches only but these are not visible in ordinary use and they’re not significant.

The timer operates via a dial which, when turned clockwise, increases the time in minutes, with hours added via a complete rotation of the dial. The number of hours chosen is shown in a small window near the top of the face (at 12 o’clock, if you will), and the dial can be set up to a maximum of five hours.

The timer is sold without its original box.


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