Vintage Thorn TDRN100 White Space Age Style Spotlight Desk Lamp


One for the minimalists, this is a Thorn TDRN100 desk lamp which has more than a hint of space-age styling about it. It’s a simple affair – a tubular bulb holder on a vertical stand with a no-frills tightening knob, and a simple circular base, all in stylish white with a smooth gloss finish. Topped off with a good reflector spotlight bulb (large screw fitting) and a contrasting orange power cable, and you have a sleek and modern light which says less is more.

The vertical stand measures approximately 38cm (15 in.), and the circular base has a diameter of 17cm (6¾ in.) and a height of 2.5cm (1 in.) In very good and fully working condition. A reflector bulb is included with the item. Please note, there is no power switch on this lamp in its current state.

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