Vintage Tinplate Clockwork Mouse (No. 2094) made in Japan by Yone


A very charming tinplate clockwork toy of a mouse, made in Japan by the manufactures Yone. This is model no. 2094 of which there are several variations which made it to marker. Some of these are named “Scurry Mouse” and some are “Wonder Mouse”. This one is in full working order – once wound up and released, the toy travels rather rapidly across the floor (a smooth surface ideally), spins somewhat randomly and then travels away in whichever direction it is facing. It’s not a “bump and go” action – it simply repeats this dart and rotation movement until it runs out of steam. The mouse measures just under 9cm (3½ in.) from nose to base of tail, with the tail approximately 8cm (3¼ in.) in length.

It’s in good used and vintage condition with a few scratches as to be expected, and the mechanism has been cleaned and made good internally. Additionally, this one was missing its original ears so we have “manufactured” our own replacements which we think make a good fit. The originals seem to have been some kind of thin plastic, but these new ones are of a softer neoprene/felt material and are also a good match for his/her tail. He or she seems pretty happy with them anyway…

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