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Vintage Tokai Pianica 36 (P-36) Made in Japan

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If your first thought at reading the word “Pianica” is a kind of plastic gimmick, a novelty musical item, then this Tokai Pianica 36 will have you doing some serious rethinking. Because it’s a serious musical instrument and this one is vintage, dating from the late 1960s.  Made in Japan by Tokai, the “36” (later to be known as the P36) is a high quality and superbly engineered musical instrument in a sturdy metal body. This one is complete with a carry case, two sets of tubing and mouthpiece, and an illustrated booklet. That’s not to say it isn’t a fun instrument – it most certainly is!  Whether you play it flat like a piano (using the tubing and removable mouthpiece) or held in your hands like a melodica, this instrument is both highly enjoyable and instantly musical.

Offers are invited for this, now hard to find, musical instrument.

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