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Waddingtons Raleigh Burner BMX Board Game (1985)


A VERY 1980s board game, this is Waddingtons’ collaboration with Raleigh: “Raleigh Burner BMX” a dice-rolling, card-pulling game centred around the BMX bikes of the same name. It features obstacles, jumps and other racing incidents in order to determine the winning rider. The game is almost complete in terms of the playing side, but it is lacking the promotional stickers and poster which originally were included. One of the six BMX gameplay pieces requires some attention to be fully usable – it’s present but has a broken base, so please bear that in mind. The playing cards are all present, the dice too, and all of the plastic board elements are there as well. The board itself is in good shape, though slightly warped. Instructions are provided.

An unusual game which is sure to take some people right back to a time of stunt pegs, whitewall tyres, and bunny hops. Ahem.


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