White Toshiba FM/AM Flip Clock Radio RC-803F


One of the most stylish and instantly recognisable flip clocks, this is the Toshiba RC-803F. With more than a hint of space-age design, this flip clock probably doesn’t need too many words of description – the photos will do most of the talking!  But, let’s start with that shape – a sloping front dominated by a full face display with massively rounded corners, with the curves leading into a flattened pill shape with distinctive and almost over-sized silver coloured knobs on either side for clock/alarm adjustment and radio tuning. Also on the front are controls for tone, volume, mode and radio band, leaving only the sleep control in a recessed hollow on the top of the unit. The rest of the top is dominated by the aforementioned curves and the speaker grille. It’s a bold design and it works beautifully.

In very good cosmetic condition and fully working. Sensible offers are invited for this highly sought after – and perhaps now worthy of the term “iconic” – item.

In stock

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