Wien Solid State Flip Clock Radio


It’s all about the looks with this vintage flip clock radio/alarm. It’s not one of the big brand manufactures – Copal or Sony or Toshiba or Panasonic, for example – but it does have an aesthetic appeal all of its own. The white (now somewhat cream in colour) casing with a dominating tinted front panel and subtle curves has more than a hint of space-age design to it. The curved plinth-like base, the subtlely curved front, and somewhat minimal black buttons and controls add to this overall sensibility. The monolithic sleek front is the headline, though – even the maker’s branding is subservient to it, almost an after-thought and certainly not allowed to detract. It’s a good-looking item from a relatively uncommon maker, and it has all the features and functions that one would hope for: dual band radio, sleep mode (up to 60 minutes), and wake to buzzer or radio.

In good condition, notwithstanding the discolouration, and in fully working condition. Reasonable offers welcomed on this item.

In stock

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