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Yorkshire Penny Bank Money Box (with key and container)


Patented in 1921 (the PAT no. 167841 is imprinted on the inner base), this Yorkshire Penny Bank money box has six individual slots for various pre-decimal coin types (Half Crown, Shilling, Six Pence, 6D & Half Sovereign, Penny and Half Penny) and a slot for notes.  It is very heavily constructed and chrome plated, and is an unusual and interesting item in very good condition: no dents or dings or signs of forced access just some minor surface scratches. This is a good example of this item and dates from the period after 1947 (the coin slots refer to denominations introduced in that year) and before 1959, when the Yorkshire Penny Bank became the current Yorkshire Bank.

Originally, the Bank kept the saver’s key, but we have complemented ours with a replica so that full access to the box contents is possible should you wish to use it. We also offer ours complete with the original container which is in fair condition considering its age (please see photos).

Measures 6cm (2¼in) high with a diameter of 8.5cm (3¼in).


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