1960s Ricoh Digitime Flip Clock (Mains operated)

Call for price

With a shape reminscent of a space helmet or robot head, this Ricoh Digitime flip clock is somewhat – dare we say the phrase – Space Age. Made in Japan by the Ricoh Watch Co., it’s a good working example of the type. In good condition and working, the flip clock has aged quite gracefully – we suspect that it was initially white or a lighter cream tone, but the plastic body colour is good and even nonetheless. One small nibble to the plastic surrounding the clear faceplate is the only visual imperfection of any real note but even that is almost imperceptible. The clock is slightly noisy in operation, emitting a hum when in use but in our time as guardians of it, it has not become worse and certainly does not affect the functionality of the clock in any way.  The numbers flip smoothly and correctly and the time setting function (operated by the knob on the left hand side of the unit) operates well. The lamp illuminating the numbers works, although it is a gentle glow rather than a bright light.

All in all, this is a very good looking and relatively unusual flip clock which is in far better than average condition and, for such a small unit, it really does make quite an impression on the desk, table or bedside.

The flip clock measures approximately 15cm across the front with a depth of 8.5cm and a similar height.  It has not been recently PAT tested and we would usually recommend that a buyer performs their own testing for their environment.

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