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1980s Action GT Space Attack! Alien Invader Game 1983


Space Attack! – an action game from the early 1980s which offered exhilarating excitement (judging by the box illustrations!) for two players, and made by Action GT. Space Attack! is essential a kind of air hockey/Crossfire hybrid where the aim of the game is to defend your base from the spinning metal alien invader which is launched by each player in turn into the arena. Each player uses their plastic deflectors to keep the wayward alien at bay and send it towards their opponent’s base. It’s a lot of fun and is simple to play. It’s a definite nostalgia trip – especially on hearing the sound of the spinning invader – for those whose childhood memories resonate with this game.

This one is complete (aside from instructions, which are actually rather redundant), in good condition and works well. There is very little wear at all to any of the game pieces or board. The outer box is slightly deformed and worn, but it’s nice to have it.


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