1980s Kidco Burnin’ Keys Highway Patrol Car with key – Number 62


Like neon, big hair and leggings, the Burnin’ Keys cars were big in the 80s. Made by Kidco they were a die-cast car with a launch system – nothing too unusual there, as there were plenty of toy cars around at the time which had similar. What was different with the Burnin’ Keys was that the launcher was built into the car and was activated by a key which came with the vehicle and matched the vehicle. Operational was simple: just plug the key into the back of the car, squeeze the sides of the key slightly and the car zooms off via the spring loaded mechanism.
This one is a 1980 Highway Patrol poilice car number “62” and comes with its original key and fob and is in full working order. Cosmeticaly it’s also good with wheels intact and rolling well, and with only minimal signs of wear and tear.

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