1980s Tomy Tomytime Chunky Changers Orange and White Cow Shape


A little bit cute, a little bit strange and a little bit plastic. The Tomy (“Tomytime”) Chunky Changers were a range of plastic toys aimed at the younger child which were characterised by their colourful simple shapes which were capable of being transformed into various other figures or objects. Amongst the range were vehicles and animals, the latter of which this is one – the cow (or bull, perhaps). This Chunky Changer transforms from a rectangular block of orange and white into a recognisable cow, complete with ears, tail and legs. The cow also has googly-eyes and a small air hole at the back which, when blown into, emits a rather curious moo-like sound! Okay, it’s actually more like a kazoo… it’s cute, anyway, trust me!

The un-transformed Chunky Changer measures approximately 7.5cm by 3.5cm by 6cm (3 in. by 1¼in. by 2¼in.). It’s in relatively good condition, considering, with some minor surface wear and tear and some ageing to the original orange and white colours –  the white now more of a cream tone and the orange less bold than it would have been.

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