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“Meteor” Automatic Map of England and Wales


A 1953 “Meteor” automatic folding map of England and Wales, made in France and including original instruction leaflet and promotional materials. In very good condition considering its vintage origins and fully working – the plastic surrounds are in very good shape and the central display area is clear and unblemished. It’s a very clever tool of its time, featuring collapsible “folding” map sections which are brought into view via the side tabs.  The separate map views are referenced in the keys at the bottom of the map (one on each side). There’s a little bit of a knack to using the tabs, and we’d recommend being a little bit careful when doing so, but once you get a feel of it, it’s very smooth.  The lowest folding section sticks very slightly when in the overall map view, but that’s an extremely minor thing, particularly as the same section works absolutely fine when choosing from the individual area maps.

This is a fascinating piece of motoring memorabilia which immediately caught our eye and piqued our curiosity. This example is in fabulous condition and would be ideal for a collector of motoring history or motorobilia, or indeed for the casual map lover.


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