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Auritone AM/FM Flip Clock Radio


An unusual flip clock with AM/FM radio in a desktop-style made by Auritone. Unlike most flip clock radios, this Auritone flipclock radio does not feature a vertical front panel to display the time and radio tuner, instead these are on top of the unit with the numerals to the rear and at an angle to enable viewing. It’s an interesting layout: the tuner and tuner dial are both on the horizontal “top” surface with radio, alarm and volume controls, whilst the clock-related controls are housed alongside the clock in a relatively standard way. The whole unit, as a result, is wedge shaped with angled sides. Finished in a black plastic with textured detailing, you’ll probably either love it or loathe it…!

The unit functions as it should with the radio surprisingly good.  There are signs of wear and tear throughout, but no chips or cracks to the plastics. The labels for the controls are almost completely worn away, but they are simple enough. The slider controls the volume, the large circular knob is the radio tuning control, whilst the switches are (from left to right), the radio on/off/auto control and the tuner band (AM or FM) control.  The time display window has some grazing to the plastics and is slightly “foggy” but this doesn’t affect the viewing of the time.


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