Avocado Green Copal Model 515 Portable Digi-Glo Rolling Clock


It’s understandable if you’re under the impression that it was only soft furnishings and bathroom suites which were avocado colour in the 1970s, but this cycling clock (rather like a flip clock but the numbers roll rather than flip as time passes) is proof to the contrary (see also). Made by Copal of Japan this is – unusually – marketed as a “portable” battery-powered device. A single “D” size battery provides the juice. The display has a glow option (activated by depressing the button on top of the unit) and the clock also has an alarm function (the alarm is activated via the button at the back). The clock emits a ticking sound and the rolling of the numbers is not silent, if noise is a concern for you.

This one is in full working order and comes complete with its original box (in relatively good condition) and instructions, which is also unusual. Condition-wise it is excellent with only extremely minor signs of age and use. The only cosmetic issue being some rusting to the underside of the metal battery cover. The actual battery compartment is in good order.

A rare opportunity to purchase a very uncommon item in great condition. Offers are welcomed.

In stock

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