Sold Out

BIBA fashion house small branded playing cards from the 1960s


Perhaps the epitome of the Swinging Sixties in London, BIBA was a fashion brand which did more than simply sell clothes – it sold the mood of the time and the lifestyle, becoming iconic in the process.  Ultimately its own branding became part of its merchandie on offer, including these small (4.6cm by 6.5cm) playing cards with the famous Art-Deco tinged BIBA branding.

These are now highly desirable and collectable, for the enthuasiast of the BIBA brand or fashion in general or for those people nostalgic for the era!

The cards appear to be almost unused with no visible wear. The outer box does have some signs of handing and storage wear (particular to the rear) but considering their materials and age we consider them to have done well to look this good at their age.


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