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c. 1949 Road Signs Illustration


Dating from around 1949 this illustration – presumed to be from an educational book of some sort – depicts various road signs of the era, as authorised by the Ministry of Transport in that year.  Some of these signs seem quite quaint when viewed from the present-day perspective, not to say quite confusing!  The colourful nature of the illustration makes it a nice piece for a motoring enthusiast’s wall — or even as a gift for a driving instructor or professional driver. We particularly like the subtitle: “These make for safety on Britain’s highways”!

We’ve mounted it temporarily on black card and inside a clip frame, but of course the buyer or recipient might ultimately choose a different method of display.  The frame measures 21cm by 30cm (8¼in by 11¾in) and the illustration itself measures 14.5cm by 22cm (5¾in by 8¾in).


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