Framed Vintage 1990s Selectadisc Record Shop Plastic Bag – Nottingham London


OK, so it might not quite qualify strictly as “vintage” but it certainly feels like a piece of memorabilia from a bye-gone age now. If you were a teenager in Nottingham or its surrounding area in the 1980s or 1990s, then you might immediately recognise this bag. As iconix as the shop fronts which bore the same design, perhaps. This bag dates slightly later than the original Nottingham shop(s), as it include the later Soho London store’s details. The same store which featured on the cover of Oasis’ 1995 album “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?”.

The bag – measuring 34cm by 39cm – has been paired with a pre-owned Sixtrees frame which has a plain white surround and provides a suitable and understated complement to the bag and the record shop branding.

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