Lakeside Action Games Demolition Derby Game 1977

Call for price

A very addictive and fun game of dexterity and calm headedness against the pressure of time. Based on a demolition derby, the idea of the game is to guide your car into the “target” cars within the arena by tilting it, whilst the timer is running. The target cars are held in place in slots with rubber bands and when hit “pop” up and sometimes out of the arena. The timer activates a gate in the arena – if you don’t make it back “home” before the gate closes then you’re out and your score is annulled. It’s a lot of fun!  There are two game variations to try out, as detailed in the instructions.

The game is complete with all pieces and instructions and is fully working. There are no chips or cracks to the plastics. The original rubber bands have long since perished but suitable replacements are provided.

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