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Large Metal Aircraft Chock


Most suitable as a doorstop, bookend or as a decorative piece for a “man-cave” or other industrial themed space, this old, distressed-looking aircraft chock might also be useful if you have an aeroplane that you wish to park safely.

It’s had several coats of red and yellow paint over the years – at least two – with some great-looking wear and patina throughout, but it’s been thoroughly cleaned so it’s ready for interior use if required.  The chock is sturdy as you’d expect, and weighs in at approximately 3.2kg. When placed in position it measures 33cm (13 in) on its longest side, 24cm (9½ in) on its shortest and is approximately 20cm (8 in) in height.  It’s not a delicate bit of kit, but it’s got oodles of visual appeal for the right environment.

This item may be collected by the buyer or courier service arranged after purchase.


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