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Antique Leuchars & Son Leather Case with refreshed mustard lining


This is one of those items about which it would be wonderful to know more. Who owned it? Was it specially made for them? Where has it travelled to?  What we do know is that the owner of the case had the initials “M.W.”, that it was handcrafted with quality materials, and made by Leuchars & Son. (later taken over by the esteemed Asprey house) sometime in the early part of the 20th Century or latter part of the 19th Century. Certainly it was made when Leuchars & Son had premises in Piccadilly, London and in Paris, because it is stamped to that effect in the lid. What we also know is that originally it had something resembling a grooming kit layout or at least it was something designed to carry implements or objects both small and large. The interior previously had a blue fabric lining, long since departed. What remains is a relatively large, unusually-shaped case finished in leather and pig skin (it is believed) and which is ready for a new life somewhere. Doing what, is left to the buyer, but it would certainly be a useful storage box for any number of things and an interesting one at that!

The case is structurally quite sound, although it should be borne in mind just how old this is, so casually throwing it around is not recommended. The lining has been replaced with a modern bright mustard yellow (almost gold, but not quite) which should prove to be hard wearing enough and provides a contemporary flourish to the otherwise black casing. The lock does not come with a key, but the catch does operate enough to keep the lid in place. Finally, the handle has been repaired using remnants of the original interior in order to retain as much originality as possible.

The case measures approcximately 29cm in length (11½ in.) with a depth of 11cm (4¼ in.) and a height of 7.5cm (3 in.). Internally the measurements are approximately 27cm (10¾ in.) by 9.5cm (3¾ in.) by 6cm (2¼ in.)

Offers are invited on this special and genuinely unique item.


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