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London Transport Garage Running Plate: Number 59


Perfect for the person who has everything, and was born in 1959… or whose lucky number just happens to be the albeit slightly improbable 59!

This is an ex-London Transport Aluminium Garage Running Number Plate.  It’s obviously in well-used condition, but that’s all part of its appeal.  It has dents, scrapes, scratches and deformations consistent with being what it is and having done what it was intended for. We aren’t going to shy away from that.

Ours is slotted into a wooden base painted in a matt graphite colour (Rustoleum Graphite if you really must know). This allows it to stand, but this can be easily removed if you wish.  The plate measures approximately 19cm by 9.5cm including the base (7½in by 3¾in).


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