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Mappin & Webb Art Deco Lidded Muffin Dish designed by Keith Murray


An iconic design by Keith Murray, this Mappin & Webb muffin dish with a lid (cloche) features stacked rings in the upper section which are then reflected in the plate itself. Made in silver plate dubbed “Mappin Plate” this one has had a replacement knob added which is reflected in the price of the item. The replacement is from a similar contemporary item and is a very complementary alternative to the lost original. There is some minor superficial wear and a few instances of surface pitting but the overall impression of the muffin dish and its lid is very good indeed.

The dish – which in reality is a plate with separate horizontal and vertical sections and steeper sides – measures approximately 15.5cm (6¼ in.) in diameter, with the sloping sides of the plate measuring 3cm (1¼ in.) and the height of the plate being 2cm (¾ in.). The lid or cloche measures approximately 8cm (3¼ in.) from base to the top of the knob, which itself is a little under 3cm (1¼ in.) tall. The base of the cloche has a diameter of approximately 12cm (4¾ in.)


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