MB Games “Bed Bugs” – the motorised hopping, leaping, jumping game – complete (1985)


A bit of a classic this one, if you’re of a certain age. This is the 1985 MB Games “Bed Bugs” game, which unsuprisingly consists mostly of a “bed” and a load of “bugs”. The aim of the game is to catch the coloured bugs in the bed which match your playing tweezers. The catch? (pun intended) The battery-powered motor underneath the bed sends those bugs leaping, hopping and jumping around, so grabbing them in your tweezers is no mean feat at all. It’s a lot of fun. We’ve tested it to ensure that it meets the required standards of fun-ness (and we actually liked it so much we bought another one just to keep for ourselves!)

This one is in very good condition, complete (all bugs and tweezers), and in full working order. It takes two C-size batteries in the battery compartment, access to which is under the card insert of the bed.

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