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Original 1980s Tomy Kongman Game Boxed/Complete


It’s a game of high skill and daring. The perilous path to Kongman’s kingdom isn’t easy. The “No-Go” bridge, the magnetic crane, the captive balloon and the incredible magic wall have to be conquered. Have you got what it takes to reach the top?

A dexterity game by Tomy dating from 1982, Kongman is similar to the more commonly available Screwball Scramble but it isbattery operated and is based on a vertical board with various obstacles to navigate with the ball bearing around. A timer can be used to add additional excitement to the game or it can be run in a free mode without time limit. The obstacles are numbered with score points, and the player reaching the highest score with the metal ball within the given time wins.

This one is in fully working condition – it has been thoroughly tested! 😉 – and unlike many it includes the spinning Kongman card section and holder from the top of the board. The card is slightly worn but is in better condition than most. This is the first edition of the game and it comes with one ball bearing for game play. The outer box has some wear and tear but is generally good. The plastics of the game are all present and correct and the battery compartment is clean and corrosion-free. For a toy which is nearly 40 years old potentially, it’s all in good shape.


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