Philips HR 5284 Small Electric Alarm Clock Made in West Germany


A rare electic alarm clock with analogue display delivered in a glossy black body with full front bezel. This is a model Hr 5284 made by Philips in West Germany, which was available in red/orange and grey/black colours schemes. It’s a small unit, measuring just 12cm across the front, with a height of 7cm and a depth of 6cm, with the only departure from the smooth lines and surfaces being the alarm control button on the top of the body. The seconds hand is of the silent sweep variety and the face has fluorescent indicators. Time and alarm time setting is achieved via the adjuster at the rear of the body, which performs both roles with a push/pull mechanism. Please note, the alarm is a “buzzer” style and is relatively subdued. A service might improve this (i.e. make it louder), of course.

In good working condition with just a few minor surface blemishes/grazes to be expected of an item of this age and use.

In stock

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