President NA-416 Hi-Intensity Adjustable Desk Lamp made by Kreo (Nanbu)


Don’t let this little lamp’s dimensions fool you… it’s a highly flexible and useful desk lamp with a tiny footprint but lots of appeal.  The President Hi-Intensity Lamp by Kreo Co. Ltd.  (NA-416) offers two lamp settings (low and high intensity) and rotatable and adjustable shade to direct light where you need it. The aluminium armature is also highly adjustable making this little light very useful indeed, particularly in smaller spaces.  We like its unusual size and think the lamp has a particularly appealing character of its own.

The construction is a mix of white/cream and grey plastic and metal, with a wood effect plastic topping to the base – very 70s!  The base also features an illuminated on/off button which is very appealing when lit and a switch for the two lamp modes. There is a distinct difference between the low and high settings of this lamp, which is not always the case with lamps of this type.

The lamp base measures 8cm by 9cm by 6cm (3¼ in. x 3½ in. x 2½ in.) and the arms extend in two sections to approximately 40cm (16 in.).  The lamp is in fully working condition and good visual condition, with just some minor defects which we will draw your attention to. The worst of these is some damage to the edge of the plastic base housing, but it’s not very noticeable in ordinary use. We have added felt pads to the underneath of the base where it appears a pair of original plastic “feet” have perished. As is often the case with plastics of this era there is some slight discoloration due to sunlight exposure, but this particular example is quite good in that area.

The lamp takes two small bayonet 12V15CP bulbs which are widely available.

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