Sold Out

Ravensburger “Bike About” board game, 1983


“An adventurous Game of touring in the country and by the sea”.

Another one for the category of “board games you’ve probably not heard of”, “Bike About” – which was made by Ravensburger and dates from 1983 – is rather cute and interesting.  It features a colourful board and is complete, with two bicycle playing pieces, and a deck of 33 destination cards. The idea of the game is to try to get a bicycle to your destinations on the board before your competition gets it to theirs by diverting the route of it by turns. There’s a bit of luck but also a bit of strategy involved, and we at AiP HQ have had an entertaining few games of it 😉

The outer box has some wear and tear but the game itself is in very good condition.


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